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Why forming ‘diversity’​ committees with Black staff, who have no expertise in D&I or anti-racism, is tokenising

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After learning about the impact of racism and discrimination in the workplace, you may decide to set up a committee to come up with some potential solutions. Naturally, you will want some of the people directly affected by racism to take part – but it’s important to remember that not every Black person, or people of other ethnic minorities, will want to join in.

This LinkedIn article by anti-racism activist Nova Reid explains the problems created when organisations assume their Black staff are experts on racism. She explores why this approach could be considered tokenism – that is, only including them to give the impression of diversity. She also includes tips on supporting those who do want to get involved, creating a safe space for them to discuss their experiences, and creating space for learning.

This is a very useful read to those in management or HR looking to improve their approach to race issues in any industry.

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Organisation: Nova Reid
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Nova Reid is an inspirational speaker and anti-racism activist.

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