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Mental Health at Work offers training to raise awareness of mental health issues, discuss appropriate language, and help challenge myths and assumptions to de-stigmatise mental health issues in the workplace. They offer three key modules, covering all levels of an organisation:

  • Mental health awareness, suitable for all employees and providing information, awareness-raising and organisational feedback;
  • Essential skills for line managers, focusing on skill development, guidance and practical application;
  • Mastery and application, consisting of bespoke sessions for your organisation on implementation, communication and legal compliance.
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The training has really helped further our organisational conversation around mental health at work. Managers have increased confidence and skills to manage mental health issues in their teams, which will result in better outcomes for all employees.

Amanda Coyle

Assistant Director, Health & Education,
Greater London Authority

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Mental Health at Work provides training and consultancy to help workplaces understand, manage and promote mental health.

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