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The Time to Change Employer Pledge is a great way to show that you are committed to changing attitudes to mental health in the workplace.

Your organisation can make a public declaration that they are committed to ending mental health stigma and discrimination by signing the Employer Pledge.

Currently, more than 800 employers from a wide range of sectors have signed the pledge. We know that the cost of poor mental health in the UK is high and that looking after the mental health of your employees makes good business sense. Signing the pledge can make a real difference, with 95% of employers saying it had a positive impact on their organisation.

This web page provides all the information you need to know about signing the pledge, including how the Time to Change team will help you develop your own action plan. You can also find out more about employers that have already pledged and how signing up has improved their workplaces.

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Organisation: Time to Change

Time To Change is like laying the carpet before you put the furniture in. It helps you to decide what to put in place.

Karl Simons
Karl Simons

Chief Health, Safety & Security Officer, 

Thames Water

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Time to Change is a growing movement of people changing how we all think and act about mental health.

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