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Three people reveal what it’s like to live with executive function disorder


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Executive function disorder affects many people without them realising they have it, or even knowing it exists. If you experience it, you might find you forget important things, struggle to create a schedule for yourself, and misplace important items. These issues can cause a great deal of stress and have an impact on your working life.

It’s also linked to the autism spectrum, and to attention deficit disorders like ADHD.

In this article from the Metro, three people share their experiences of having executive function disorder. They talk about their lives before they understood the condition, and the tips and tricks they have learned to help themselves to manage better now they are aware. It also includes an expert who discusses how it links to other conditions and at what point it might become a significant issue for someone who experiences it.

Those who are concerned they might have executive function disorder might find this article useful, as well as those looking to make their workplace more friendly for those who potentially experience it.

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