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Things not to say series – LGBTQI+ issues

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Learning about LGBTQI+ issues can be daunting. You might find that you have a lot of questions. While it might be tempting to ask gay or trans people for answers, that can becoming tiring or annoying to those faced with answering them.

However, if you’re in need of a break, or interested in sharing some light-hearted yet educational videos, the “Things not to say” series from BBC Three might be ideal. Each video features people discussing their own experiences of everyday prejudices, but in a funny, accessible way.

Mental Health at Work have created a YouTube playlist featuring six videos which focus on LGBTQI+ people:

  • Things not to say to gay people,
  • Things not to say to a bisexual person,
  • Things not to say to a trans person,
  • Things not to say to a non-binary person,
  • Things not to say to people who don’t have sex (which includes contributions from asexual people), and
  • Things not to say to drag kings and queens.

Each video is less than nine minutes long, so can be perfect for helping you recharge while continuing to learn.

While the videos are informative and sensitive, they do discuss topics and use language which you might not consider appropriate for the workplace. Before sending these to your colleagues, please ensure they are aware of the content, and make sure you are following any communications guidance provided by your organisation.

You can watch the playlist from here, or click the link below to select which video you’d like to see.

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Organisation: BBC Three
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