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The Sheldon Hub is a website for people in Christian ministry to meet and support each other. It includes mental health resources which members can discuss and add to, and a forum for sharing stories and information.

It also includes information on other areas that may be causing you stress – such as marriage breakdown, bereavement and bullying.

In order to view the resources on offer, you will need to provide your name and email address. The Sheldon Hub will then check your details and, if you meet their criteria, allow you to become a member.

The criteria are:

  • you are ordained
  • you are a full time stipendiary lay worker (pastoral role), missionary, or member of a religious community
  • you are retired from ordained ministry  (or were once ordained but out of ministry for other reasons)
  • you are a spouse/partner (independently or with his/her ministerial partner)
  • you are an ordinand who have been accepted for ordination training and are attending a recognised college/course

They normally consider applications from licensed or accredited ministers in denominations affiliated to Churches Together in England, or equivalent in other countries.

It is also possible to apply for an associate membership, which will be granted at their discretion.

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Organisation: The Sheldon Hub
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The Sheldon Hub

The Sheldon Hub is a safe place for people in Christian ministry to meet, share and support each other.

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