The Mental Health Charter for Sport and Recreation


Sport and recreation organisations can sign up to the Mental Health Charter to make a commitment to take positive action around mental health. You pledge three initial actions—and there are samples and templates to get you going.

The Mental Health Charter for Sport and Recreation is all about taking positive action around mental health and physical activity. It sets out how sport and recreation organisations should adopt good mental health practice to make activities inclusive, positive and open to everyone.

Any sport or recreation organisation can sign up to the charter by making three specific pledges around actions they will take to promote positive mental health, challenge stigma, improve support, tackle discrimination or raise awareness of mental health issues. You can then download examples of action plans from other signatories, showing how people have put these pledges into practice, and read case studies of how they worked. There are also links to all sorts of helpful resources, and details of events that have been run to celebrate the difference the charter has made.

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Sport and Recreation Alliance
Sport and Recreation Alliance

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Professional Players Federation

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Donate to Mind

Mind provides advice and support on mental health, and campaigns to improve understanding, across England and Wales.

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