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The menopause at work: guidance for people professionals

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Some people go through the menopause with little impact on their daily life. But others experience symptoms that can last for several years and have a negative impact on their performance and attendance at work. For example, a bad night’s sleep​Sleep and mental health PDF This one-page PDF fact sheet from Unilever highlights some of the reasons why poor mental health and sleep deprivation are linked, and offers techniques for improving the amount and quality of your sleep.Free By: Unilever View resource can affect concentration, while heavy periods or hot flushes can be physically distressing and embarrassing.

CIPD have put together a web page to help HR staff and leaders to understand the menopause, their legal responsibilities around it, and advice on creating a menopause policy in your workplace. It also includes case studies to help you see these policies in practice, and understand how they can be applied to your organisation.

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Organisation: CIPD
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