The link between health and racism

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Racism can affect every part of someone’s life – from their education and job opportunities to their mental and physical wellbeing. This series of TED Talks explores this link in great detail from a number of angles, and covers some ways in which we and society as a whole can help fix it.

Some of the videos are based on statistics and stories from the USA, but they still contain valuable lessons for those of us in the UK hoping to understand racism and work towards ending it.

The playlist includes:

  • how racism makes us sick,
  • the cost of racism for everyone,
  • how the trauma of systemic racism is killing black women,
  • and six more.

Each video includes an English transcript, and at least one transcript in another language too.

This is a great place to start if you’re interested in learning why anti-racism work is important, and want to take the first steps in tackling racism in your organisation.

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Organisation: TED
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