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The menopause can bring about many changes to your mind and body. Some people find themselves experiencing low moods, such as anxiety, sadness or irritability. Or, you may experience ‘brain fog’, confusion, and trouble focusing. These issues are normal and there are ways you can manage them, but they may feel distressing.

This podcast series, The Happy Menopause, explores your health and wellbeing around menopause from many different angles. Each episode features an expert on nutrition, wellbeing, medicine, beauty, or other related field to help you to understand what your body is going through and feel confident living your post-menopausal life.

The show is now in its third series, so there is a wide range of subjects covered. The length of each podcast varies, but is usually around 40 minutes long.

Please be aware that some of the guests on the series promote unproven or alternative medicines.

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Organisation: Well Well Well
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