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More and more organisations are looking to positive psychology to help look at what's right with us as opposed to simply fixing what's wrong. This article summarises such wellbeing initiatives and recommends areas to focus on.

The face of wellbeing is evolving for people and organisations. Many employers are moving towards embracing positive psychology: focusing on what’s right with us, as opposed to simply fixing what’s wrong.

This article summarises the wellbeing interventions that many organisations have used, and how they can be mapped to the PERMA model​Understanding the PERMA model of wellbeing PDF 0 0The PERMA model of wellbeing outlines five key pillars for flourishing and thriving at work and beyond: Positive emotions, Engagement, Relationships, Meaning, Accomplishment. This infographic introduces the concept and its benefits and describes each pillar.FreeProvide your details to download straight away By: Bailey & French View resource of psychological wellbeing. It includes:

  • Overview of the challenge and opportunities with wellbeing at work;
  • Introduction to the PERMA model of wellbeing;
  • An outline of initiatives in organisations and how these connect to the PERMA model;
  • A diagram outlining how psychological wellbeing underpins physical and financial wellbeing
  • Using the PERMA model: questions to consider for diagnosing current wellbeing approach
  • Final thoughts: an introduction to self-managing teams

It also includes an analysis of what areas need to be focused on to truly impact wellbeing, and suggestions of how to move away from an over-reliance on managers who may well already be under pressure themselves.

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Organisation: Bailey & French
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