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The essentials series – Hope Virgo on eating disorders

Organisation: The Be Well Collective


Fashion models are under constant scrutiny for their looks, and so it’s common for them to experience eating disorders and related stress. This video from the Be Well Collective is designed to encourage models and those that work with them to look out for the signs that something may be wrong, and offer advice on where to turn for help.

The video features Hope Virgo, an eating disorder advocate who experienced anorexia as a teenager. She shares her own story of recovery, as well as advice for those who are worried they may be developing a body image issue.

It is aimed at fashion models, but could also be used by those in other industries as a way of raising awareness about these rarely-discussed disorders.

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Organisation: The Be Well Collective
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The Be Well Collective
The Be Well Collective

The Be Well Collective is a charitable initiative that aims to support fashion models.

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