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The employer’s guide to financial wellbeing 2020-21

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The COVID-19 pandemic has had huge effects on the economy, and that impact has been felt by households across the UK. But, while some people have obviously experienced financial hardships such as being furloughed, losing their jobs or their businesses having to close, other people have actually seen their personal finances change for the better. For example, some people who can work from home have saved the cost of commuting, or they may be spending considerably less on eating out. Therefore, assuming your employees have all been affected by the pandemic in the same way might not be helpful.

This PDF guide from Salary Finance can help you to understand these issues surrounding COVID-19, and explains why talking about money remains such a taboo. It also explains how your finances and mental health are linked, and includes ten tips for employers looking to support employees who might be struggling financially.

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Organisation: Salary Finance
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