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Team resilience is your team’s ability to withstand and overcome periods of extreme stress, such as the COVID-19 pandemic. It helps your team to plan for, manage and recover from challenges that test your ability to work well together and deliver care to your patients. It also involves supporting the mental wellbeing of those you work alongside, helping them to do their best in difficult circumstances.

This guide from Our NHS People aims to teach you the basics of team resilience along with several behavioural strategies to help you and your team deal with adversity, pressure and stress.

It is broken up into three key sections:

  • reducing the impact of what your team are up against,
  • responding well to the challenge together, and
  • reflecting on what went well, what could be done better and what you learned from the experience.

The guide was designed for NHS staff, and uses examples based on healthcare – for example, mentioning patient care. However, the practical tips are suitable for any organisation or industry that may find themselves working in challenging times.

You can choose to make an account on the Our NHS People site, even if you do not work for the NHS. This allows you to track your progress through this guide and many others, and lets you return to the place you left off if you have to stop part way through a section. Click here to create an account or log in. However, you do not need to make an account to access it if you’d prefer not to.

To see the full list of guides available from Our NHS People, click here.

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