Take stock of mental health in your workplace

Organisation: Mind Cymru


This resource for line managers and HR professionals provides practical advice on how to collect vital information about your employees’ wellbeing.

In the second of a series of workplace wellbeing resources in Wales, Mind Cymru have produced this information on how to boost staff motivation, loyalty, innovation and productivity. This resource is aimed at line managers and HR professionals who are looking for guidance on how to get a full picture of employee engagement and wellbeing in their organisation.

This resource is split into three sections:

  1. The key factors that affect mental wellbeing, including employee experience, organisational culture and mental health.
  2. Collecting and measuring information about mental wellbeing, including carrying out policy reviews, using data and developing an action plan.
  3. Guidance for line managers, including reflecting on your managerial style and incorporating ‘temperature checks’ into your team.

This is a comprehensive guide that offers practical tips and actions that you can start implementing straight away.

This resource is written in Welsh. It is also available to download in English.

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Organisation: Mind Cymru
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