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Supporting working parents and carers

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While everybody can have challenges in their lives, parents often face additional responsibilities and difficulties that can make their working lives a little harder. For example, having to work around school opening times, dealing with children when they are ill, and making arrangements for the school holidays can all add to a parent’s mental load.

This can also have an impact on someone’s mental wellbeing – those looking after children might find themselves feeling anxious or stressed, and this could have an impact on their ability to do their best work.

This web page from the CBI explores what it is like to be a working parent, and suggests ways employers and managers can help their staff to better cope with these challenges. It explains your legal responsibilities as an employer, advice on becoming a more parent-friendly organisation, and links to further support if you need it.

It’s ideal for any organisation that wants to create a culture of openness and support for all staff, no matter what their personal circumstances are.

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