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Many journalists feel they can work at their best under pressure. Tight deadlines, difficult circumstances and a responsive audience can help you to create some of your best work. However, these factors can also generate a lot of stress, and sometimes you might feel it’s getting too much. Would you know what to do if you noticed someone you worked with was struggling?

This PDF guidance is for anyone working in journalism who is worried about a colleague. Some of the tips will also be useful for line managers who are concerned about someone they manage.

This guide will give you an understanding of :

  • The potential signs to spot in a colleague who might be struggling in the newsroom
  • How to approach a conversation with a colleague who you are worried about
  • What to say and not say in a conversation with a colleague
  • Appropriate boundaries
  • How and where to signpost

It was created by Mind and Headlines, a resource for journalists.

Are you interested in learning about supporting your own mental wellbeing? Mind and Headlines have created a resource that you might find useful. You can find it here.

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Organisations: Headlines Network Mind
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