Support at work – a guide for autistic people

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If you’re autistic and in work, there are a few things that might be helpful for you to think about. This guide is full of useful tips on all sorts of issues, to help you be as comfortable as possible and get the support you need. It includes:

  • How a workplace mentor might be helpful,
  • Understanding unwritten rules in offices, including what people do about food and drinks,
  • Workplace relationships and talking to your colleagues,
  • Whether to tell your employer you’re autistic,
  • Bullying in the workplace, and
  • Your legal rights and what your employer should do

This guide is written for people who are autistic, but it’s really useful for anyone to read who would like to understand some of the issues autistic people face. It will give you lots of ideas for small changes and behaviours that could make the working environment more welcoming and inclusive for everyone, including autistic colleagues.

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