Mind’s example presentation: Staying well during furlough

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When your staff are coming into your place of work, it is somewhat easier to support their mental wellbeing. However, as many organisations have furloughed staff as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, you might be worried that you can’t help them as much as you’d like.

Mind have had to furlough some of their staff. They created this Powerpoint presentation for them, to help them stay positive and show that the organisation is still looking out for their wellbeing. It includes information about staying in touch with managers and colleagues, advice about building a new routine, and some tips on making the transition back to work once it is safe.

As it is written for Mind’s staff, it is not suitable to be sent to other organisations as it is. However, you could use some of the ideas in it when building your own furlough wellbeing guide, including information relevant to your own sector and organisation.

The presentation is also available in PDF format​Mind’s example guide: Staying well during furlough PDF If you'd like to offer advice to help your furloughed staff to look after their wellbeing, this guide from Mind can be used as an example.Free By: Mind View resource.

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Organisation: Mind
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