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Self support techniques after a traumatic incident


Policing is exciting, challenging and often dangerous work. While you may find the fast-paced and unpredictable nature of role enjoyable, you’re more likely than the average worker to be exposed to shocking, distressing or emotionally tolling events. Healthy processing of such incidents is essential in policing to reset your stress response, to file events as past, and to move on to the next job.

This four-page PDF guide, created by the Police Dependants’ Trust, Oscar Kilo and Police Care UK, can help you to construct a plan for how to manage when you experience something traumatic at work. It includes steps you can take in the first 24 hours, the next 48, and beyond, to help you recognise the impact of what happened to you and try to ensure the experience does not cause you long-term trauma.

It’s ideal to read through before you are exposed to a an event that might be distressing, but also to keep on hand in case you or a colleague need help in the future.

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Police Dependants’ Trust

The Police Dependants' Trust assists police officers, staff, and volunteers, who have been harmed in their duty.

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Oscar Kilo

Oscar Kilo's mission is to be the home of the evidence base and best practice for emergency services wellbeing.

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Police Care UK
Police Care UK

Police Care UK are a charity for serving and veteran police officers and staff, volunteers, and their families who have

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