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Returning to the workplace: line manager 1:1 conversation guide

Organisation: Unilever


Many employees in the UK are returning to the workplace after months of furlough or working at home. While it can feel good to get back to your previous routine, some of us might be feeling uncertain about the changes we’ve had to make or find themselves struggling to fit back into a more regular schedule.

This PDF guide from Unilever has been designed to help line managers to start one-on-one conversations with their teams about how they are feeling about their return. It covers how to prepare for such a discussion, tips on helping employees to feel comfortable sharing their thoughts, and how to tackle barriers they are experiencing. It offers different advice depending on if it is a priority for someone to be returning to the office as soon as possible, or if a more gradual return is possible.

It was initially written for Unilever staff, so it may include references to things your organisation does not have access to – for example, an EAP. However, most organisations will find the general information in this document helpful, and will be able to adapt it to their needs.

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Organisation: Unilever
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