Organisation: Unilever


This guide can help you and you colleagues discover your purpose, and ensure you are working towards it every day.

Unilever describes purpose as pursuing and connecting to your sense of meaning, finding congruence and enjoyment in your job and performing to your best.

This is important because when what we are doing does not fit with our values and goals, then we may feel a sense of internal conflict and frustration because we are fulfilling others needs at the expense of our own. This can lead to stress or, potentially, a feeling of worthlessness that could lead to poor self-esteem.

This one-page PDF guide outlines how you can determine what your purpose is, and how you can work towards achieving it. It includes three questions to ask yourself to help you decide what is really important. It can be used as an internal guide to purpose in your own organisation, or you could use it as the basis for your own factsheet tailored to your needs.

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Organisation: Unilever
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Unilever produces over 400 brands of food, drink, beauty, personal care and household products.

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