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Protecting your mental health: a practical guide for postgraduate research students in STEM


Postgraduate research within the science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) fields can be rewarding, but you might also find yourself facing challenges that people in other roles don’t have the same experience of. You might be working in a highly pressured environment, working to tight deadlines or facing long hours working alone. All of these factors can impact your mental wellbeing.

This PDF guide, created by Charlie Waller and Jonathan’s Voice, provides information and advice for those working in STEM postgraduate disciplines. Part one contains tips on preventative measures, to help keep yourself feeling resilient and able to cope. Part two covers where you can turn and the steps you can take if you need to reach out for further support. And part three explores problems you might run into, and how to manage them.

It’s ideal for anyone working as a postgraduate researcher in STEM, or for anyone who manages those working in this field.

The guide is available from both the Jonathan’s Voice and Charlie Waller websites.

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