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Positive mental health at work

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To create a positive workplace where people’s mental health is supported, we need to think about the part played not just by employers but by managers and individuals too. The Acas framework for positive mental health at work​The Acas framework for positive mental health at work PDF Employers, managers and individuals can work together towards a shared goal of positive wellbeing and productive workplaces. The Acas framework is an accessible, easy way to think about the part that each can play and how they fit together.Free By: Acas View resource is based on this idea – and this short video gives an easy overview of how the parts fit together.

Abigail Hirshman, Senior Adviser at Acas, describes:

  • the role for employers in leading the way – developing wellbeing strategy, reducing stigma, looking at causes of workplace stress and supporting managers;
  • the role for managers in building rapport with staff, having conversations and planning work;
  • the role for us all as individuals in looking after our own health and wellbeing, identifying personal stress triggers and supporting colleagues.

The video is 2mins 42secs long, and suitable for people at all levels and across all industries.

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Organisation: Acas
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