Penguin Business Experts: Mental Health at Work

Organisation: Sanctus

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This short, accessible book gives an overview of mental health, why it’s relevant to all workplaces, and how easy it is to start creating a supportive culture.

It focuses on authentic behaviour, explaining why it’s beneficial – to you and to your workplace culture as a whole – to open up about issues of mental health and wellbeing. It’s also filled with real examples from all sorts of different businesses, showing how creating kinder workplaces where people talk about what’s going on for them can make all the difference to employee happiness, engagement and, ultimately, success.

There is a lot that will be useful to anyone, at any level in your organisation – but has particular sections for managers and leadership who are in a position to set the tone. It can easily be read in an afternoon, but also has journalling prompts to think about at the end of each chapter if you are working through it more gradually.

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Organisation: Sanctus
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Sanctus provides one-to-one preventative mental health coaching for employees, in their own workplaces and online.

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