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NHS health and wellbeing framework

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Poor staff health and wellbeing has a big impact on NHS organisations.

The NHS Health and Wellbeing Framework is designed to help NHS organisations to plan and implement their own approach for improving staff health and wellbeing. It can be used in ways that suit you, depending on your needs and progress on staff health and wellbeing. So, rather than prescribing a specific set of actions and measures to take, it gives you the tools you need to develop a whole new programme from the beginning or to improve your existing strategy.

This framework has been developed by NHS Employers, NHS England and NHS Improvement, with support from all sorts of partners across the NHS, government and voluntary sector.  It’s divided into two sections:

  • Organisational enablers: the leadership, structural and cultural essentials that need to be in place as the essential building blocks of good staff health and wellbeing;
  • Health interventions: from prevention to self-management to targeted support, these are a range of specific tools, interventions and services that can keep people well and support those who need it.

As well as these recommendations, it features real case studies so you can see how the advice works in practice.

The Framework is an interactive PDF document, filled with links and sections to make it easy to get to the part you need. It’s a very large document, so is easier to use if you first download it and open an offline copy in your PDF viewing software.

There is also a diagnostic tool, designed to help you assess your organisation against the Health and Wellbeing Framework.

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Organisation: NHS Employers
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