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The range of people who are out working during the pandemic is huge. Our Frontline is about recognising that people across all sorts of jobs and industries are keeping the country going – from delivery drivers to rail staff; from teachers to chefs; from cleaners to civil servants.

Together, you’re often referred to as key workers or essential workers. But that large category doesn’t do justice to the range of essential things you’re doing on our behalf.

This site, Mental Health at Work, has hundreds of resources that can help you to support the mental health of yourself, your staff or your colleagues, and we’d like to invite you to explore it further. Click the View resource button and you’ll see a set of them that we think might be useful – but you can then use the controls to narrow it down according to your sector (and in other ways too, if you like).

Below you’ll find some other resources that relate to people working during the pandemic. You can also use your browser’s Back button to return to the selection you were just looking at, or click here to browse our list of curated toolkits to see if there’s one for you that relates to your sector.

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