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Mitigating bias in performance management

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Our biases are often unconscious – that means we don’t always realise when we’re influenced by them in our decisions, and means we could be making mistakes based on incorrect assumptions. This can have an impact when it comes to the workplace, as you might not notice that you’re treating people differently based on characteristics such as their gender or ethnicity.

This article from Deloitte explains the problems this can cause, and offers ways to challenge these biases. It provides advice for leaders of organisations, those managing teams, and individuals, so that everyone can take steps to improve their workplace culture and eliminate unfair perceptions. It also includes several case studies so you can see these actions being put into practice, and see if they might work for your organisation.

It discusses the issue of bias in terms of gender discrimination, but the information and advice here can apply equally to other forms of discrimination too.

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Organisation: Deloitte
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