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Mindful Monday with the Film and TV Charity

Organisations: Film and TV Charity Mind

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Working in the TV and film industry can be rewarding, but it can be tough too. You likely experience pressures and demands from many different angles, and may face unusual working hours, tight deadlines, and times away from home. All this can add up to a tough working environment that might impact your mental wellbeing.

The Film and TV Charity have partnered with Emma Mamo, Mind’s Head of Workplace Wellbeing, to bring you a series of videos on subjects you might find helpful.

The topics covered include:

  • Returning to work,
  • Coping with uncertainty and your finances,
  • The wellbeing of freelancers,
  • Advice for managers on supporting their teams,
  • Supporting managers’ own wellbeing, and
  • Managing in tough times.

Each video is under five minutes long, and includes automatically generated captions in English. You can watch the first video here, or click the link below to find a playlist of all the videos in one place.



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Organisations: Film and TV Charity Mind
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Mind provides advice and support on mental health, and campaigns to improve understanding, across England and Wales.

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