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Mental health in the workplace: a guide for Community reps

Organisation: Community


As a trade union covering a wide variety of sectors, one of Community’s priorities is to improve mental health in the workplaces. After all, trade union reps (for any union) are likely to be some of the people whom employees are most likely to turn to if they’re finding things difficult.

So, this guide for reps introduces the whole topic in a brief and accessible guide. It outlines the facts and about workplace mental health today and the legal framework, including discrimination, reasonable adjustments and approaching your employer. It has all sorts of tips and suggestions you can implement to support the mental health of those around you, under ten main headings:

  1. Be aware that people might not recognise that they have a mental health condition;
  2. Create a supportive environment;
  3. Talk openly about mental health and wellbeing;
  4. Ensure your workplace has an appropriate mental health policy;
  5. Promote good mental health and wellbeing;
  6. Highlight available training;
  7. Raise awareness of local mental health support services;
  8. Address discrimination;
  9. Encourage people to become mental health champions within your workplace;
  10. Mark World Mental Health Day in your workplace.

The guide is written for Community trade union reps, but the information it contains will be useful for anyone.

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Organisation: Community
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