Mental health in the workplace videos

Organisation: Mi Crow


Mi Crow produces a range of online courses on different themes around I.T. and workplace issues. This collection of courses is designed to make workplace mental health interesting, engaging and easy to get started thinking about. Each video is around three minutes long, and the topics covered include:

  • The way to good mental health
  • An introduction to mental health in the workplace
  • Promoting wellbeing in the workplace
  • What is a mentally healthy workplace
  • Key measures for a mentally healthy workplace
  • Supporting your colleagues and team members
  • Support from managers and team leaders
  • Understanding young people’s mental health issues
  • What exactly is stress
  • Dealing with stress
  • Work-related anxiety
  • Exploring relaxation and some different ways to relax
  • Me time
  • Supporting staff to stay in work
  • Fit back to work
  • Body image

This page gives an introduction and overview of Mi Crow’s mental health content, and enables you to sign up for a free trial. Subscribing to the complete mental health package for your organisation costs £995 per year. They can then be accessed directly on Mi Crow’s online portal or hosted on your learning management system (LMS).

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Organisation: Mi Crow
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Mi Crow produces video training courses, in bite-sized chunks, on a wide variety of I.T. skills and workplace issues.

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