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Mental Health for Small Workplaces: Using our online training with your employees


Mind’s Mental Health for Small Workplaces​Mental health for small workplaces eLearning Website 2 1Working in a smaller organisation brings unique challenges and opportunities in supporting your own and colleagues' wellbeing. This short eLearning course can build your confidence in thinking and talking about mental health.FreeSign up for free to access By: Mind View resource eLearning is designed for staff and employees at all levels to complete themselves. It only takes a moment to sign up, the three modules take about 20 minutes each, and they don’t need anything other than a computer, tablet or phone and some speakers or headphones.

But it’s much more effective if you, as a manager or employer, make a point of encouraging your staff to take part. It’s about giving them the time and space to do so and, even more importantly, making it clear that this is a priority in your company. This short guide has what you need to do that, from suggested messages to ideas for rolling out Mental Health for Small Workplaces across your organisation.

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