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Mental Health at Work Report 2017


The results of the second National Employee Mental Wellbeing Survey, produced in partnership with YouGov. It reveals that although there has been progress since 2016, many people with mental health issues are unable to seek help from colleagues or managers.

The National Employee Mental Wellbeing Survey is a three-year collaboration between key organisations in the field of mental health and organisational leadership. This report, from the second year of the survey, emphasises the three key calls to action for employers: Talk, Train, Take Action. It reveals that although there has been progress against these, there are still too many men and women with mental health issues feeling unable to talk to colleagues or managers about it, with many fearing prejudice or exclusion.

The report casts a spotlight on several particular dimensions: gender, age, ethnicity, and a comparison between those with long and enduring mental health conditions compared to short-term mental health conditions. It also includes a special focus on several specific sectors: professional services, financial services, fast moving consumer goods (FMCG), utilities and retail.

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