Mental Health and Wellbeing in the Workplace: A ‘How To’ guide on developing a policy


Developing a solid mental health and wellbeing policy can be the first step in improving your workplace’s attitudes towards employee wellbeing.

The Charlie Waller Memorial Trust recommend a whole organisation approach, which includes promoting positive mental health for all staff, recognising and addressing sources of stress in the workplace, supporting those staff who are experiencing poor mental health and, importantly, reducing stigma.

This PDF guide explores what a good policy should contain, why it matters to your organisation, and how to measure its impact. You can use it alongside the example policy here​Your Workplace Mental Health and Wellbeing Plan example Word document 0 0This example policy demonstrates what a good mental health and wellbeing policy might look like. It is designed to be changed to fit the needs of your organisation.FreeProvide your details to download straight away By: Charlie Waller Memorial Trust View resource, to understand what this might look like at your organisation.

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