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Stress can negatively impact on the way we act towards each other. This can include people losing their tempers, being rude and saying or doing things they would not normally say or do. As a result of the COVID-19 outbreak, causes of work-related stress can be worse. Many people are scared, frightened and stressed worrying about patients, colleagues and for ourselves and our families.

This guide from Our NHS People explains what work-related stress is and how it affects people, then explains ways to manage it in a respectful, kind and considerate manner. It has been specifically written for any managers from the NHS and includes links to NHS-exclusive resources, but people from other organisations might find some of the advice useful.

It is broken up into multiple short sections, focusing on different aspects of kindness and civility in management. These include:

  • understanding what workplace stress is, and what it looks like in others,
  • helping both yourself and your team cope with changing stress levels,
  • coping with cases of disrespect or unkindness you may be asked to deal with,
  • understanding and avoiding discrimination, and
  • links to further information.

You can choose to make an account on the Our NHS People site, even if you do not work for the NHS. This allows you to track your progress through this guide and many others, and lets you return to the place you left off if you have to stop part way through a section. Click here to create an account or log in. However, you do not need to make an account to access it if you’d prefer not to.

To see the full list of guides available from Our NHS People, click here.

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