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Managers deal with health issues on a regular basis—but while they're usually confident in dealing with physical health problems, they may be less so with mental health problems. This guide from Acas is filled with tips and best practice guidance.

Managers deal with health problems on a regular basis. While they are usually confident in dealing with issues with physical health, they may be less sure of how best to approach mental health problems. But, in principle, it should be fairly similar: it’s about focusing on how they can best support a team member to get back to work and/or to perform at their best.

This guide from Acas gives an overview of the whole subject, tips and advice, and a lot of links to further resources, guidance and sources of help. It covers:

  • The role of a manager
  • Spotting the signs of a mental health problem
  • Encouraging staff to develop their own Wellness Action Plans​Guides to wellness action plans Web page Wellness action plans are an easy way to help support your own mental health at work and that of your team members. Mind has guidance and templates to get you started, for both employees and line managers.FreeSign up to receive by e-mail By: Mind View resource
  • Talking to a team member who may be experiencing a mental health problem
  • Managing a team member who may feel unable to talk
  • Supporting a team member during periods of poor mental health
  • Supporting the rest of your team
  • Approaching absence related to mental health
  • Helping a team member return to work
  • Approaching potential disciplinary or capability matters
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Organisation: Acas

It’s so helpful to have detailed guidance for managers, whose role is crucial in supporting their team members experiencing mental ill health.

Jane Fowler
Jane Fowler

Management Consultant,
PA Consulting Group

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