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Managing our mental health

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The past two years have been incredibly difficult for many people working in the news media. You might find yourself stressed about issues such as your financial situation, attacks against journalists both on- and offline, increasing work pressure, or reporting on distressing news. And COVID has made everything more difficult, changing the way we work and affecting all of our lives.

This guide, co-authored by Headlines Network and Mind, aims to help journalists find the support they need. It includes tips on self-care, setting boundaries, staying physically healthy and reducing your levels of stress. It also features links to other resources you might find helpful.

Are you worried about a colleague? Mind and Headlines have also created a guide to help. You can find it here.

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Organisations: Headlines Network Mind
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Headlines Network

Headlines Network aims to improve mental health in the media.

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Mind provides advice and support on mental health, and campaigns to improve understanding, across England and Wales.

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