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Making work work

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An employer has legal obligations to prevent discrimination because of disability in the workplace. This workbook will help employers and managers have conversations about any adjustments that may be required for mental health issues.

Making Work Work is designed to enable and support discussions about how stress, anxiety, depression and other mental health conditions affect¬†people at work. Such conditions can be considered a disability if they have a long-term effect on someone’s normal day-to-day activity, so it is important for managers to be able to talk about such issues confidently.

This workbook will guide employers and their staff through simple questions about reasonable adjustments, emergency contacts and sickness procedures, so both parties have a record. Managers will be better able to recognise signs that an employee might be unwell and know what the employee wants them to do in these circumstances.

It is a PDF file which can be printed off and filled in at a meeting between the line manager and their employee.

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Organisation: Mindful Employer
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