Listen up – let’s talk mental health: a workplace guide


The simplest action we can take when things are getting to us and impacting our mental wellbeing is to talk – but the continued stigma attached to the subject means that many people keep worries about their mental health to themselves. Having a mental health problem doesn’t mean someone is unable to work; we probably all work with someone who is experiencing a mental health issue.

This booklet is aimed at anyone in the workplace and will give you some ideas about how to talk about, listen to, respond and provide support when mental health issues arise in the workplace. It covers issues ranging from broaching the subject in the first place to reasonable adjustments and time off work. It was commissioned by Friends Life as a member of the Business in the Community Workwell Mental Health Champions Group.

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This is a great document that gives tips on how to talk—and more importantly listen—to people with mental ill health.

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James Martin

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