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Linklaters hold a series of mental health and wellbeing events and iniatitives

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Jenny Lloyd, Senior HR Advisor, explains how the Linklaters' approach to mental health and wellbeing was adjusted following its membership to CMHA. Jenny outlines how the techniques they have employed have had a positive impact on employees.

The CMHA membership is an invaluable tool that enables members to create change and share that with other members and more broadly. The aim is for mental health to be recognised at boardroom level, that stigma is challenged and prevention is prioritised.

In this case study, Jenny Lloyd from Linklaters talks through the events and initiatives that have been put in place at the global law firm following becoming a founder member of CMHA in 2013. She talks about what the firm have been implementing and what they got up to for Mental Health Awareness Week in 2016. Jenny also talks about the importance of reducing stigma through enabling senior members of staff to talk about and share their experiences of mental health issues. A recent survey conducted by Linklaters showed that their actions had a positive effect on staff.

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