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Having great wellbeing conversations is a skill that can be learned. These discussion cards can be used in all sorts of scenarios to start meaningful conversations about the things that positively affect wellbeing.

Let’s Talk Wellbeing cards are a set of cards that you can use in all sorts of settings, from meetings to one-to-ones to lunch-and-learns. Each card has one quick activity, action point or discussion question based on one of the five pillars of the PERMA model of wellbeing​Understanding the PERMA model of wellbeing PDF The PERMA model of wellbeing outlines five key pillars for flourishing and thriving at work and beyond: Positive emotions, Engagement, Relationships, Meaning, Accomplishment. This infographic introduces the concept and its benefits and describes each pillar.FreeProvide your details to download straight away By: Bailey & French View resource for flourishing and thriving.

Having great wellbeing conversations is a skill that can be learned by anybody—from employees to managers to learning and development professionals. These cards are designed as an easy way to get going: they can help you to start meaningful conversations, in all sorts of settings, about the things that positively impact psychological wellbeing.

Each set of cards costs £30.00.

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Organisation: Bailey & French
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