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LawCare’s Workplace Hub is a place to find all sorts of information, support and advice about mental health in the workplace, specifically targeted at those working in the legal sector. It’s regularly updated, so you’ll often find new ideas there, from research reports, to quick videos, to quick practical tips, to blogs and opinion pieces.

You’ll also find clear links to LawCare’s Creating Mentally Healthy Legal Workplaces​Creating mentally healthy legal workplaces PDF The legal profession has unique challenges for staff mental health - but there's a strong business case for addressing that. This short booklet outlines the issues and is full of tips for supporting staff and changing the culture.Free By: LawCare View resource PDF booklet and Fit for Law​Fit for Law Web page Fit for Law is an online educational training course designed to help legal practitioners and employers by developing their emotional competence and resilience.FreeSign up for free to access By: Fit For Law View resource, the new online learning on emotional competence and professional resilience.

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Organisation: LawCare
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LawCare promotes and supports good mental health and wellbeing in the legal community.

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