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Kelly Grainger: adults with autism

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When autism is discussed in the media, it often focuses on the children and adolescents who experience it. However, it’s estimated that there are around 700,000 autistic people in the UK, with many of them being adults.

There are many things in an everyday workplace environment that might make life harder for autistic people that their neurotypical (that is, non-autistic) colleagues might not notice, or be able to ignore. For example, someone turning up late to a meeting might be a small annoyance for a person without autism, but might cause a great deal of stress to an autistic person who has carefully planned their day around it.

In this radio show, uploaded to Youtube, Kelly Grainger discusses his experience of being diagnosed with autism as an adult. He explains what parts of working have proved stressful for him, and what steps organisations can take to support their neurodiverse staff members.

It is suitable for anyone with an interest in learning more about autism, and may be especially useful for leaders or HR managers to help them understand changes they can make to support autistic employees.

The video is one hour long, and has English captions provided automatically by Youtube.

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Organisation: Men’s Radio Station
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