How you doing? Helping freelancers to look after their mental health

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60% of freelancers say mental health has negatively affected their ability to work. 45% haven’t even thought about it. This guide is full of tips to look after yourself if you're self-employed—or, if you're hiring freelancers, to consider their wellbeing.

There can be a lot of challenges involved in working for yourself. Whether you’re on your own or freelancing in a larger organisation, it can be easy to forget to add your own wellbeing to the list of things you need to attend to. And if you’re hiring freelancers to work with you, they might well not have access to the same culture and support structures that your employees do.

This guide is full of small, practical tips compiled by a community of people who know what it’s like. They’re easily achievable ways of making a difference to your mental wellbeing: from working hours, to social contact, to professional support, to physical health and environment. The guide is always being updated, so it’s worth checking back for new versions—or getting involved and contributing your own ideas.

And, if your organisation or department has freelancers or contractors working among you, passing this guide onto them—and talking to them about it—is a simple way to bring them into your thinking and conversations about workplace mental health.

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Organisation: Leapers
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