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How to run anti-stigma activity

Organisation: Time to Change


“All that is necessary for stigma to remain in the workplace is that good people do nothing.”

The idea behind Time To Change is that, to end the stigma and discrimination that still exists around mental health, we need a movement of ordinary people committed to taking action. Time To Change Employee Champions are people in workplaces across the country who have signed up to do just that. This guide is written for them, but it’s filled with ideas that anyone could do.

It’s divided into sections, based on how much time you have available:

  • Got a minute? From using social media to setting an example with your own behaviour.
  • Got an hour? From running an information stall to leaving literature on colleagues’ desks for them to find first thing in the morning.
  • Got longer? From introducing yourself as a point of contact to organising a roadshow across your organisation’s different sites.

It’s filled with other ideas and tips to help make your endeavours a success. There’s also a calendar of regular dates in the mental health calendar. (The ones listed are for 2015–16, but most recur every year at a similar time.)

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Organisation: Time to Change
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Time to Change

Time to Change is a growing movement of people changing how we all think and act about mental health.

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