How to promote wellbeing and tackle the causes of work-related stress

Organisation: Mind Cymru


This resource sets out simple, practical and inexpensive steps that line managers and HR teams can take to create a more open and supportive workplace culture, improve mental wellbeing for all staff and boost employee engagement.

In the third of a series of workplace wellbeing resources in Wales, Mind Cymru have produced this information on how to promote wellbeing and tackle the causes of work-related stress. Mind has developed a three-pronged approach to help employers manage mental health in the workplace by:

  1. Promoting wellbeing for all staff
  2. Tackling the causes of work-related mental health problems
  3. Supporting staff who are experiencing mental health problems.

This guide takes you through the first two actions of this approach. It is clearly laid out with small sections, so it doesn’t feel too overwhelming. There are practical actions throughout, including advice on how to promote feedback and engagement from employees, how to raise awareness (such as signing the Time to Change employers pledge) and how to look out for workplace triggers of stress and mental health problems.

At the end of this resource, there is a ten top tips section for both line managers and HR professionals/senior managers.

This resource is written in Welsh. It is also available to download
in English.

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Organisation: Mind Cymru
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