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How much is too much? Know your alcohol limits

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Drinking is a part of life for many of us. It can feel like a treat after a long day at work. However, stress and anxiety can cause our use of alcohol to increase, and it’s sadly all too easy to miss the signs that your drinking habits have become problematic. This might be even more of an issue for the fire service than it is for other industries. Not only are you being exposed to more stressful situations which might lead to more drinking, but you also need to remain alert and in control whenever you are at work – and alcohol can make this harder.

This web page from the Fire Fighters Charity includes information about alcohol use in the fire service. This includes understanding the link between your mental health and your drinking, learning the signs that your alcohol use might be problematic, and links to further sources of help and information if you need it. It also includes general advice about alcohol limits to help you to keep track of your drinking habits and prevent an addiction forming.

It was written in December, so the introduction makes references to increased alcohol consumption around the holidays. However, the information is still relevant for any time of year.

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