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How are you feeling today, NHS?

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It's easier to recognise someone's physical than emotional wellbeing. This easy-to-use tool has been developed with NHS staff to help them talk openly about emotional health, look at its impact and plan actions to enable more good days than bad.

It’s often easier to recognise someone’s physical wellbeing than their emotional wellbeing. We also find it much easier to engage in conversations about physical health, but often find talking about emotional wellbeing to be more of a challenge. NHS Employers have developed this easy-to-use tool alongside NHS staff, to help:

  • bridge a gap in understanding and enable staff to talk openly and regularly about emotional health
  • assess the impact emotional wellbeing has on us all: ourselves, our colleagues and our patients
  • plan actions to enable more good days than bad.

It’s a quick and easy way for an individual member or staff, a team or a whole ward to consider, and communicate, how things are going at a given moment – and it also contains tools and resources to help build on that understanding.

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Organisation: NHS Employers

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Ruth Goncalves

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