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Health and well-being at work survey report 2018

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This is the 18th annual CIPD survey to explore issues of health, wellbeing and absence in UK workplaces. It has been renamed from the Absence Management Survey to reflect an increased focus on health and wellbeing policies and practices, but continues to monitor trends in absence management too.

On the whole, organisations vary considerably in how proactive they are in promoting employee wellbeing, and most could use a wider range of approaches to managing and supporting employees. There are detailed findings on the impact of technology on wellbeing, absence levels, presenteeism, leaveism, work-related stress and mental health.

You can also see a five-minute video giving a good introduction to the survey highlights​Video highlights: health and well-being at work survey report 2018 Video 1 0 CIPD's annual survey examines trends in absence and health and wellbeing in the UK every year. This video gives a quick overview of the highlights of their 2018 survey.Free By: CIPD View resource. And, as well as the full report, you can download an infographic displaying the key findings and separate summaries specifically about the public sector and the private sector.

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Organisation: CIPD
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