Guide to workplace health and wellbeing for employees

Organisation: Bristol City Council

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On average, adults spend one third of their life at work, which means our working environment can play a big part in our health and wellbeing. Not only does a supportive work environment have a positive impact on health, but healthier workforces are more productive too.

Bristol City Council has produced a set of connected web pages with background information, advice and lots of links to further reading. They cover:

  • Health and safety
  • Sickness absence
  • Alcohol
  • Smoking and tobacco
  • Physical activity
  • Mental health
  • Sleep
  • Healthy eating
  • Information about other health topics

A separate guide for employers​Guide to workplace health and wellbeing for employers Web page Adults spend a third of their life at work—so work environments play a big part in health and wellbeing. This guide provides information and advice for employers on policies and practices to help promote workplace physical and mental health.Free By: Bristol City Council View resource is also available.

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Organisation: Bristol City Council
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